Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekly Wanted Wonders

Sadly, I have started to put away the Valentine's décor and find storage for my heart plates. Actually, that's a lie. The décor is still there, I just can't make myself put it all away, I am afraid my living room will look too bare. So until I find something new to decorate with, those silly little hearts are staying up. Maybe there are Mardi Gras decorations?

  1. Balls of light 

    From Do It Yourself (Better Homes and Gardens) Spring 2011
     I really like this idea for a lamp and though my tiny apartment would be overwhelmed by such a piece, I think three small ones could look cute above my breakfast nook. Perhaps this will be another weekend project for me.
  2. TV Table
    I got this table for $9.99 on the clearance aisle at bed, bath and beyond. While it may not be that pretty now with a little bit of love and a lot of modpodge, I think this could be a great extra table, I am always in need of another table by my couch.
  3. Kings Cake

    With only two weeks until Mardi Gras, I have got to make a king's cake soon! I made one last year, and though you have to wait for it to rise twice, I simply love the cake and having people over to see who gets the baby (I never do, yet I keep baking the cake every year, UGH).

  4. Finding a home for my Glitter Candles

    I finally found somewhere to put my candles and I simply love how they add a bit of sparkle to the walls. Plus the stands ensure that any errant glitter is caught.

  5. Artichokes

    As I was wondering down the grocery store yesterday, they were having a sale on artichokes. I couldn't resist buying two of them. Now I am on a great adventure to find out how to use them besides spinach and artichoke dip. Here goes nothing…

    What's inspiring you this week?

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