Sunday, February 27, 2011

Martha Stewart Sunday: Body Scrub

  I love a good sugar scrub, they make even the most roughest of knees feel silky smooth but I don't love is how expensive they are; my last purchase of one was over 30 dollars. So I was delighted to find that Martha had put up directions on how to make your own. They are great to use for yourself or give away as cute personalized gifts, since you can change the essential oils to match the person. Also, there are tons of variations on the mixture allowing for complete customization. I changed Martha's recipe a bit, since I love the smell of brown sugar.

Basic Body Scrub:

2 cups of Organic Cane Sugar, Epsom Salt and/or Brown Sugar (I used a three part equal mixture)

1 cup oil (Use Sesame oil (Neutrogena makes a great one) and/or Olive oil)

Essential Oils (You can find these at organic sections of groceries or in craft stores, like Michael's, where the soap making ingredients are)

Food Coloring (if you want to dye it, but that really only works if you use only Epsom salt)

My Pom Scrub-

3 part equal mixture of salt and sugars

2/3 cup sesame oil, 1/3 olive oil

3 pipettes full of vanilla pomegranate essential oil

You can use canning jars, or Tupperware to plain glass jars. I used a leftover plastic container that used to hold my favorite sorbet, Talenti's Roman Raspberry. The sorbet is delicious and the plastic jar it comes in is great to re-purpose for other uses!


  1. Pour ingredients in container and mix! The consistency should be a bit over oily, you want the scrub to stay together in your hands, not crumble into little pieces.
  2. Decorate the container- you can print out labels or modpodge paper around the container, just make sure it is waterproof!

Here are some other great scrub recipes:

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And here is a link to Martha's readymade clip art template labels.
Scrub Label 1 and Scrub Label 2

Do you have any great homemade beauty recipes?


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