Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pretty Pretty Notebooks


     I love having pretty notebooks for class or just to jot down notes or recipes. Yet whenever I look for any in stores, they either can't be found or are way too expensive for me to afford. So I have taken to making my own pretty notebooks. It doesn't take a lot of money, time or effort and they are pretty enough to give as gifts or keep for yourself.

Here's all you need:

Modpodge ('m obsessed with the gloss version)

Foam Brush

Scrap book paper, tissue paper, etc. (You could use newspaper, magazines, even plain printer paper works)

Scissors (to trim paper)

Notebook (I like the 99 cent composition notebooks)


  1. Lay out paper over the notebook to position. Feel free to get creative and even layer papers!
  2. Once you know where you are going to place everything, carefully remove it and use the brush to put down a layer of modpodge on the notebook. Press paper(s) on to the notebook, be careful to smooth out any bubbles or lumps. Take your time with this part.
  3. Either cut or fold excess paper over the edges, tucking them in to glue down later. 
  4. Apply with the foam brush 1 to up to 3 layers of modpodge on top of the paper to seal it in and give it time to dry between applying each layer. It should look glossy when finished.
  5. Enjoy your creation and write pretty things!

How do you keep your notebooks from looking too dull?

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