Friday, February 25, 2011

Easy Entertaining: Oscar Party


       In case you live under a rock and hadn't realized, this Sunday (2/27) is the Oscars. You know that 3 plus hour award show thing where people get these little gold statues and thank the academy and maybe their husband, if they remember. Some people look really good in long beautiful dresses; some just wear swans around their necks. Anyways, the point is, the Oscars are a great opportunity to have some friends over for a nice get together. The best part is party centers around watching the TV, so you don't even have to worry too much about keeping your friends entertained. Here are some easy tips for hosting your Oscar party this weekend:

Party Ideas:  

You want to make sure you have plenty of room for guests to sit and watch the show comfortably, this is not the time to abide by the "only have enough chairs for half the guests" rule. Bring in pillows and blankets to make sure everyone will be comfortable watching the TV.

That being said, it can get a bit boring during the long show, so you could print out these bingo cards for guests to play and have these score cards so guests can bet on the winners (just make sure you have a prize!).

Another great idea is to fill a top hat or basket with movie trivia questions to ask during commercial breaks.

Or simply write stars names on paper and stick them to guest's foreheads (or backs) and have them play 20 questions by asking only yes and no questions to guess who they are.


Sprinkle silver, gold or black stars everywhere! Tape them to the wall, hang them from the ceiling.

Take movie posters and tape them to the walls (if you don't have any, a print shop should be able to print you a bunch for relatively cheap. Or just go to Wal-Mart).

Roll out a red carpet (or a vinyl one) to welcome guests.


Since this show lasts so long, it's best to just have a bunch of easy things to nibble on during the 3 plus hours. So think crudités and or chocolate dipped pretzels, maybe even brie bites?

Make popcorn and have available other movie theater snacks, like junior mints or snow caps.

Shrimp cocktails are a great idea as well; you could simply take some glasses and make each individual guest their own.


Think sparkling wines (Champagne) or even sparkling apple cider (sometimes, I prefer it!)

Or make drinks that have movie inspiration like a Casablanca or a godfather.

Make Oscar punch.

Some 2011 nominated films inspired drinks.

Do you have any great Oscar party ideas?

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