Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Save On: Dishes

     I love to have people over for a meal, it's the perfect opportunity to sit down and actually have a nice conversation with someone uninterrupted by wait staff or bills. Once when I was having a bunch of people over for a Sunday brunch, I realized I didn't have enough matching dishes for everyone. I thought about using mismatched ones but sadly my attempts look mismatched à la anthropologie displays just come off as à la goodwill. So in a desperate search to find affordable pretty everyday dishes, I ventured in to my nearest Dollar Store and Wal-Mart and found some great solutions.

The larger dishes I got a the dollar store for 1 DOLLAR each, so I could easily afford to spend 10 and get 10 pretty dishes

   I purchased the champagne glasses and smaller plates at Wal-Mart, the champagne glasses came in packs of four for about $4.50. The smaller plates were about .97 cent each. The wine glasses were from Target and came in a big pack for $15.99  for 18 glasses.

     So for fewer than $4.50 per setting, I was able to get pretty glassware that can be reused for every time. I made sure to buy simple wares that could be used for every occasion and not to buy a bunch of Christmas dishes that could only be used for about one month per year. These dishes are pretty enough to add some flair to the table but not clash with any theme or occasion!

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