Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Pretty Boards

  I am always saving little mementos from trips be it ticket stubs to museum guides, but I never know what to do with them. Often they just get filed away in labeled shoe boxes at the back of my closet for what occasion, I don't know. My friend, Lily (of the cranberry compote and brie bites fame) has some great ideas of how to show off your little mementos or other important things. These cute boards look great when lined up or alone on a wall, and since they are made from foam board, you can use 3M wall adhesive so you don't have to use nails (a big help for those who are renting a place). With all the different themed papers out there, you can find something to match just about anything!

I just cut the boards in the center, they were the perfect small size!



Foam brush

Scrapbook or other decorative paper

Foam Board

Scissors/ knife


  1. Cut the board and paper to desired sizes, the paper can be left a bit bigger to cover the sides of the board.
  2. Modpodge the board with a light coat, then press down paper. Go slowly, and use pressure of fingers or ruler (be careful) to work out any bubbles. Lightly modpodge the paper as well once smooth.
  3. Let dry, then coat the paper with a second and if needed, a third coat of modpodge.
  4. Enjoy! Use push pins or ribbon to help decorate your board!

This one is for my roommate, Charlotte, who loves old keys. See you can match any theme!

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    1. love this idea! my roomie had a cool idea of creating art w/ foam core & pairing 3 rows of 3 B&W pictures (all close-ups) turned out very cool!


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