Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to: Not ship something

       Remember when I accidently baked two King’s Cakes instead of one, and how I was going to send one to  my boyfriend? Well I did. And I being the good girlfriend I am, realized that there was no way my boyfriend had powder sugar to make the icing. Thus I decided to send it to him. All wrapped up cute in tin foil with a plastic baggie of powder sugar attached with a pretty ribbon and a note saying how to make it. It was supposed to arrive in two days. Each day, I would wait patiently for it go get there and get a thank you. But it did not arrive until three days late. Why? Because apparently, the postal service figured out there was a bag of white powder and decided to test it (ie slash the baggie) so it pour powder all over the box. They also sent it to JFK numerous times, enough that someone had to write on the package exactly where to ship it in big sharpie lettering. So my advice is don’t ship powder sugar, next time I will just send him two dollars and tell him to go buy it himself.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Fabric Frames

     So remember how I filled that blank space behind my couch, I had another blank wall to conquer in my apartment. This time it was behind my tv and quite expansive. Yet again, I'd show you a picture but it was a large blank white wall behind a tv, surely you don't need a photo, you can imagine it on your own. Anyways, I decided to try that whole framing a piece of fabric. It was quite inexpensive and I think it looks pretty plus it fills up space. Goal achieved. Here's my how to:

Hot Glue
Penny Nails
Decorative Molding cut to size
Thin Wood (for back of frames)

1) Determine the size of the frames and have decorative molding cut at the store (most do it for free, see if they can cut the edges at angles to make it look prettier) Paint boards and all the sides!

2) Modpodge fabric to board and smooth out all wrinkles. I used modpodge because it allows for corrections.

3) Hot glue the baords down to frame the fabric the use penny nails to nail the board to the wall and secure the baords. I used hot glue to secure the boards in place until I placed the frames on the wall and then used the nails to actually secure the boards.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hey guys,

Sorry for the long absence, I've had a really hectic past week. At one point I got stuck in Calgary, Canada without my luggage for about 4 days, where it was negative 23 degrees! But I will be back tomorrow with a new post. Promise.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Curtained Closet

I love walk-in closets but sadly, my undergraduate budget does not allow for such luxuries. And my current closet had those awful bi-fold doors, which take up so much space! When folded, they made it nearly impossible to get to the right side of my closet. So I removed them, it seemed like the perfect solution till I noticed it looked like I just had a hole in my wall. With the clever use of some curtains and a tension rod, I achieved the look of an pretty closet that can be closed when it's a mess (which is never is, mom I swear).

To recreate this look, you need:

2 long curtains (normally 82 inches will work)

1 short curtain or whatever you want to use as a balance

1 tension rod

2 penny nails

2 safety pins


  1. Measure the width of the closet. Twist tension rod to that length and hand up the two longer curtains.
  2. Then fold your short curtain in half, center the width measurement on the curtain, marking each end.
  3. Carefully scrunch the curtain through each mark using the safety pin to hold the folds on each side.
  4. About two inches above the opening on each side of the closet, nail a penny nail.
  5. Use the heads of the nail to place the safety pin through.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Wonderings

So you might have noticed, I changed the title of this weekly blog post. Why you may ask… (okay, maybe just I care). I realized this week and from looking at past posts, which half of my inspirations come from things I already have or just found. Hope you enjoy it all the same!
  1. This decanter 
    1. Charlotte's mom sent it to me out of the blue, for no reason; just it reminded her of me! How sweet. Now what to fill it with…
  2. The bag it came in
    1. Silly, but how cute is this bag! I want to make one like it. I love that stores are now producing more quality bags since many people reuse them for other things, and it gives them basically free advertising.
  3. My curtained closet

    Because my closet need a little drama and a little more space.

    I love this adorable silhouette. This website even does custom silhouettes, which would make a great mother's day gift or birthday gift.
  5. My new cook book

    I love this cookbook, since it isn't a real one, but just filled with useful tips. Blog post about it to follow shortly.

    What's inspiring you this week?