Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Wonderings

So you might have noticed, I changed the title of this weekly blog post. Why you may ask… (okay, maybe just I care). I realized this week and from looking at past posts, which half of my inspirations come from things I already have or just found. Hope you enjoy it all the same!
  1. This decanter 
    1. Charlotte's mom sent it to me out of the blue, for no reason; just it reminded her of me! How sweet. Now what to fill it with…
  2. The bag it came in
    1. Silly, but how cute is this bag! I want to make one like it. I love that stores are now producing more quality bags since many people reuse them for other things, and it gives them basically free advertising.
  3. My curtained closet

    Because my closet need a little drama and a little more space.

    I love this adorable silhouette. This website even does custom silhouettes, which would make a great mother's day gift or birthday gift.
  5. My new cook book

    I love this cookbook, since it isn't a real one, but just filled with useful tips. Blog post about it to follow shortly.

    What's inspiring you this week?

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