Monday, May 13, 2013

Containing Myself: A Love Affair

I have such a love for The Container Store. I first found one on accident in Denver, CO. My family had time to kill at a mall, and next door was this amazing store. It’s like Ikea but for what goes in the inside! We had to practically buy a new suitcase because of all the amazing things we found inside. Plus later in B School, I learned about what an awesome company they are! (read this book if you doubt me, actually just read it)  I could not have survived undergrad dorm life without The Container Store! Namely, this thing:

30prOverdoorShoeOrganizer_l (30 Pair Shoe Holder)

Nonetheless, I received in the mail this beauty:

Fullscreen capture 5132013 102048 PM.bmp

It completely tapped into my wanderlust. Though I have a totally awesome suitcase, I could totally use some things to fill it with! See yet again, The Container Store has cool stuff for the inside of things. Mainly, I want these!

10049236_side_l - CopyTravelSaleAsstBottles_l - Copy  CottonSwabHolder10060430_l - Copy Grid_It_Mesh_PouchAlt_l - Copy  ViceroyTravelPouches10060353_l - Copy WetHappenedLndryBag100579G_l - Copy

I need some travel plans ASAP! Where should I head to this summer? Last summer, I was gone nearly every other weekend or so it seemed!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly Wonderings: May 8th, 2013

Somehow the weeks keep seeming to get shorter yet my to do list seems to be growing. Here is what has me stopping to smell the roses:


Finn got fixed and to stop him from licking, we put boxers on him. It seemed more humane than that big cone of shame.


Molly Girl awards for my GOTR team, they glittered!


I found these candies and had to try them. I still have no idea what they were but the shell was covered in chocolate. I will take it!


There is a Mac and Cheese cook-off this weekend, and I am itching to enter. I found this old magazine. That must be a sign, right? Know any good recipes you care to share?


My grandfather’s hydroponic grower (aka the coolest thing ever) gave off the first fruit of its labor (like my pun?).  There will be a steady stream of tomatoes now, I need to think of a few things to make with them!


I actually paced at my 5k! I am pretty sure there were only 4 people in my age group but I will take it!


What has you stopping to smell the roses lately?