Monday, May 13, 2013

Containing Myself: A Love Affair

I have such a love for The Container Store. I first found one on accident in Denver, CO. My family had time to kill at a mall, and next door was this amazing store. It’s like Ikea but for what goes in the inside! We had to practically buy a new suitcase because of all the amazing things we found inside. Plus later in B School, I learned about what an awesome company they are! (read this book if you doubt me, actually just read it)  I could not have survived undergrad dorm life without The Container Store! Namely, this thing:

30prOverdoorShoeOrganizer_l (30 Pair Shoe Holder)

Nonetheless, I received in the mail this beauty:

Fullscreen capture 5132013 102048 PM.bmp

It completely tapped into my wanderlust. Though I have a totally awesome suitcase, I could totally use some things to fill it with! See yet again, The Container Store has cool stuff for the inside of things. Mainly, I want these!

10049236_side_l - CopyTravelSaleAsstBottles_l - Copy  CottonSwabHolder10060430_l - Copy Grid_It_Mesh_PouchAlt_l - Copy  ViceroyTravelPouches10060353_l - Copy WetHappenedLndryBag100579G_l - Copy

I need some travel plans ASAP! Where should I head to this summer? Last summer, I was gone nearly every other weekend or so it seemed!

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  1. The case for an iPod is really cool! Also, come visit meeeeeeeee!! Travel problems solved!


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