Tuesday, March 22, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Fabric Frames

     So remember how I filled that blank space behind my couch, I had another blank wall to conquer in my apartment. This time it was behind my tv and quite expansive. Yet again, I'd show you a picture but it was a large blank white wall behind a tv, surely you don't need a photo, you can imagine it on your own. Anyways, I decided to try that whole framing a piece of fabric. It was quite inexpensive and I think it looks pretty plus it fills up space. Goal achieved. Here's my how to:

Hot Glue
Penny Nails
Decorative Molding cut to size
Thin Wood (for back of frames)

1) Determine the size of the frames and have decorative molding cut at the store (most do it for free, see if they can cut the edges at angles to make it look prettier) Paint boards and all the sides!

2) Modpodge fabric to board and smooth out all wrinkles. I used modpodge because it allows for corrections.

3) Hot glue the baords down to frame the fabric the use penny nails to nail the board to the wall and secure the baords. I used hot glue to secure the boards in place until I placed the frames on the wall and then used the nails to actually secure the boards.


  1. Beautiful fabric! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this idea! I have a wall in my son's nursery that would be great for a cute framed piece of fabric art!

  3. Shona- Thanks, I got it from a quilting store.

    RBS- What a great idea, you could even use wooden blocks to spell out his name on top of that!

  4. Hi Blair. You did a great job! And who could beat that price. And that was making your own frame - WOW!

    Have a blessed day. Hugs...Tracy :)

  5. Great choice of fabric! Saw you on link party, now gogle friend following you, would love if you could pop by and love if you followed me too. Karima x

  6. Tracy- So glad you liked it, and thank you!

    Karima- Thank you and will do!



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