Thursday, March 3, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Curtained Closet

I love walk-in closets but sadly, my undergraduate budget does not allow for such luxuries. And my current closet had those awful bi-fold doors, which take up so much space! When folded, they made it nearly impossible to get to the right side of my closet. So I removed them, it seemed like the perfect solution till I noticed it looked like I just had a hole in my wall. With the clever use of some curtains and a tension rod, I achieved the look of an pretty closet that can be closed when it's a mess (which is never is, mom I swear).

To recreate this look, you need:

2 long curtains (normally 82 inches will work)

1 short curtain or whatever you want to use as a balance

1 tension rod

2 penny nails

2 safety pins


  1. Measure the width of the closet. Twist tension rod to that length and hand up the two longer curtains.
  2. Then fold your short curtain in half, center the width measurement on the curtain, marking each end.
  3. Carefully scrunch the curtain through each mark using the safety pin to hold the folds on each side.
  4. About two inches above the opening on each side of the closet, nail a penny nail.
  5. Use the heads of the nail to place the safety pin through.

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  1. I have a curtain covering my closet as well; i love the pop of color my printed curtains give the room! (also saw your king cake post below; OMG that's some major baking dedication; it looks like it turnd out deliciously though :)


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