Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty Pretty Organizers

     I hate wasting things, and after everyone it seemed got sick this past month, I've gone through tons of tissue boxes. Luckily, Lily had just the idea of how to reuse them. With a few modifications, these boxes can now hold all sorts of things from pens and pencils to nail kits holding the files, polish removers and more. Plus they are super cute to make and look adorable all lined up.


Empty Tissue Box

Exacto Knife


Scrapbook paper or decorative paper

Embellishments (Ribbons, glitter, stickers, etc)


  1. Using knife, carefully cut off the top of the tissue box (the part where the tissues used to come out) and try to make it a good even cut.
  2. Take the paper and cut it to cover all four sides (make the height one inch more than needed). Then simply use modpodge to glue it down, leaving a half inch overhang on the top and bottom. (for a stronger box, once dry use another layer of modpodge on top)
  3. Fold bottom of paper and secure the top section with modpodge.
  4. Embellish it as you like. 

    Good Luck!

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