Tuesday, January 25, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Couch

    Whenever fall semester rolls around again, I always start to patrol the sidewalks of my neighborhood because people are moving out. They have graduated (hopefully) and are ready to get on with their lives and often part of that means leaving stuff behind. Stuff I wouldn't mind…

     Take my couch for instance; it was a neighbor's who didn't want to move it. Now it wasn't very pretty, but it was free and I knew that with a little love and some sparkle, I could make it work out just fine.

    So with a light cleaning and a few accessories, it became one of my 50 Dollar Fixes.

     The two necklace pillows were half off, costing me a total of $24 dollars. The other two pillows were stolen from a different couch that had too many. And the fur blanket can be found at any Marshalls or TJ Maxx for about $25. Though another cheap fix would have been a slipcover (those stripes are awful), the couch was too odd shaped for that, sadly. Though one day, I may re-stuff the bottom pads.


  1. Those pillows are really pretty, where did you get them? Also, do you have any tips for decorating your own pillows? Thanks!

  2. I got the pillows from Stienmart, just a few weeks ago, so they may still be there. Good luck! And yes, I am currently trying to figure out what to do with some very dull black throw pillows, I should have a post on that sometime soon.



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