Monday, January 31, 2011

Boy’s Rooms


     So I meant to post a few more times last week, and I wanted to apologize for not doing so. Then again, maybe I am just talking to myself but if you do check the blog, I am sorry! I decided to take a spur of the moment trip to visit my boyfriend up in the very cold northeast. It was lovely and I got to see it snow! But while there and living in an apartment I realized some truths about boys' living quarters.

  1.  Trash Cans
    -Why is it boys never have trash cans in the bathroom? I even asked my boyfriend and all he could say was that they just threw stuff away in the trash can in the kitchen, five feet away. I may just have to buy them one myself, it was so annoying when I had nowhere to throw my makeup remover cloths or a tissue. Have you ever had this same experience?

  2. Mirrors
    -They also never have full length mirrors. How am I supposed to know if my outfit looks okay? Or check to make sure I don't have a rip on my tights? Again, boys just don't seem to understand, and I checked with all three boys in the apartment, none of them had a full length mirror.
  3. Common Spaces
    -Whenever I come home to my place, I always say "hello" to my roommate, and somehow try to make a general announcement that I am here. I ask her how her day was or just other things, we may then both go back to our own rooms or hang out in the living room. These boys barely acknowledge each other when they come home. I felt like I was being so rude every time we came but apparently this is the norm.

     Though all that being said, I fully intend to break him of these habits, but I do have to admit, I have never had to tell him to put the toilet seat down. So I guess I can't complain too much!

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