Friday, November 18, 2011

Service Details

        I know I already spoke about the flowers, but here are some touches we made to make the event a little more about Austin rather than his death. I think that during these hard times it is so much more important to focus on the good times. Anything you can do to make it less about about death and more about the person is for the best. Plus it makes everyone else a bit more comfortable too.  Again, I partly writing this for other people’s benefit, and partly just my own, I hope you can see the silver lining in this as well.

      For instance, we asked everyone to wear red since it was his favorite color. It was so nice to look out see a sea of 500 people in red. It was a moment that truly made us feel loved and supported.

     Also, we had beautiful programs and buttons made up. To carry with the red and 5 theme, we had a button made that said his name, the number 5 in the middle and the dates. My two little siblings handed them out before the service. They were so happy to do something to contribute and I assure, everyone got one pinned to them, whether they wanted one or not. It was quite funny to see the two little kids all business as they went about distributing the things. 

Austin pin


  1. It's beautiful that you blog about not just cooking and decorating, but also very personal things that are dear to you. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Austin was up there feeling like such a celebrity I bet :)


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