Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge: Make a Chandelier

So I decided to cave, and actually do another thing of my pinterest board. I found all these cute chandelier inspiration but I did not think I was up to a big project just yet, so I improvised! I absolutely love it and Lotti, my roommate helped me figure out exactly where to put it!
  • Beads ( I used 6 packs of 6, so 36)
  • A Lid
  • Orchid Hanger
  • Tea light Candle
  • Hot glue
1) Cut once to make the beads into a string instead of necklace. I like cutting them at the same point (i.e. right after a big bead)
2) Decide on your color order, I went rainbow. Then fold beads in half.
3) Hot glue the beads in order around the outside of the lid, squish them as close together as possible.
4) While holding the bottom half tight in one hand, turn upside once glue has dried. Tie a ribbon tightly around the top half.
5) Take the orchid hook and make u-shapes at the bottom of the wires all pointing in. Then carefully wedge the wires under the ribbon. Hang up and insert tea light!
6) Marvel at it all!

We hung it our SUPER LONG hallway, and it reflects in the mirror so its double the fun! So have you made anything from pinterest lately?

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