Thursday, November 17, 2011

Handy House Tip # 5 : Dry-cleaning


       For some reason I have a percipiency to buy clothing that can only be dry-cleaned. I feel like every time I go to the dry cleaners, I end spending way more than I thought to get a few things lightly cleaned. I am not a mud-wrestler, my clothes just need a little freshening not some deep clean. Enter Dryel into my life! Goodbye large drycleaning bills and hello Dryel. This stuff is great, and it comes with a great stain remover pen. The funny thing is I originally bought it for the stain removing pen, I volunteered at an upscale charity clothing boutique and all the women there raved about it. Nothing else would dare touch their St. Johns suits. So I bought it and then I realized the magic of the dry cleaning kit that came with it! Seriously, you can dry clean 4 items for $2.25. Where else can you get  a deal like that? And all you need is a dryer and this kit!

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  1. I buy dry-clean only clothes and I usually don't realize it until after I've washed them... and they turn out fine! Haha Kinda weird but I'm too lazy so I only take my super fancy items to the dry cleaners... Maybe I'll try dryel? That's awesome!

    p.s. I've never tried magnetic polish! I'll have to investigate asap :)

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