Monday, January 2, 2012

Easy Entertaining: Tea Cups


I love a quick way to upgrade a party or even just having a few friends over. One of my favorite ways to add a little “Oomph” is to serve things in dainty tea cups.  Be it pudding or tea, it certainly ‘stirs’ things up. I found these cute teacups at Goodwill for hardly any money and they have certainly come in handy. I made white chocolate mouse the other day and when friends stopped by they were quite impressed. You can even serve dips for crudité (veggies) in them. Think caramel with apples or humus and pita chips. The possibilities are endless.  Even plain jello seems cooler in a tea cup!

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  1. Good idea! My great grandma used to serve us kiddos jello in fancy-schmancy-crystal-like individual dessert cups. It makes it special and then you remember it even more.


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