Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Because even Bottles get cold…

So first off, I admit I have already fallen off the blogging band wagon and it’s only day 10. In my defense, my grandfather has had 2 heart surgeries in the past week, he’s doing just fine now! In fact, he seems much better, but I spent more time in real life this past week than internet life. But everything is back to normal now! Soooo….

photo (8)

Doesn’t this just crack you up? Apparently the guy who lived previously in my apartment was a brand ambassador for Maker’s Mark. We receive the weirdest ‘gifts’ from them, including big ice molds that are just balls. This year, we got a sweater for our whiskey bottle, the problem being we don’t have a whiskey bottle. Instead, we placed it on our champagne bottle, but it looked lonely so we attached a mini bottle to it. It has been cracking us up all week. This would be great as a gift with a mini bottle of Chambord attached to make “Scarlet Letters".

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