Monday, January 16, 2012

1st Giveaway!

So I decided to finally jump the gun and do it… A GIVE AWAY! I know it’s not huge but I need to test the waters out first before I start rolling out the big gifts. So help me make this successful and enter!

One winner will get these two lovely notebooks PLUS A SECRET SURPRISE! Perfect for keeping your inner most thoughts, daring adventures or the growing to do lists.

Here's how to enter:

Required: Leave a comment with how you would fill a notebook (lists? Work? Journal?)  and follow First Apartment Living using Google Friend Connect.

Note: Anonymous comments will not count.  Please login using the Google Friend Connect account that is following The First Apartment Living

Ends 1/31/12 at midnight!

It's Over and Joann won! Email me!


  1. Looks like I found your blog just in time! These are so pretty! I would definately fill these with all of the random musings of my day. There's nothing like a cute notebook to hold all your thoiughts.

  2. I would make it my journal, not just for my inner thoughts but for exercise and diet. It would become something I would constantly be writing it! I love how adorable it is!

  3. I would use it to record interesting recipes I find! Since I never have a notebook to keep on hand to write things down. This will be super useful!

  4. Replies
    1. I would use it to make lists.

      Cute site!

  5. I would use it to make grocery lists!

  6. Congrats on your first giveaway, Katy! I would use the notebook to keep a log of my son's first sentences, some are cute and some are so funny! He's also starting to sing so I'd also write down some of his first songs and how he sung them. He's 2 years old... I have lots to write down! :)

  7. So pretty, I'd use them for lists of all kinds, I'm good at making lists of lists!

  8. Hi Katy,
    I would use these note books to write down all the hilarious things the 2nd and 3rd graders say to me:(a new 2nd grader at the beginning of this year) said "Mrs. Arbucci, why do you talk like that?" "Like what?" I say, "Like that!" he says back, "that is my normal voice" I say, he says "well, it's kinda weird"...there are so many funny things that are said each day to me and the kids do not realize how hilarious they are!

  9. Truly an excellent list of best tips to follow:)


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