Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Resolute Year


Every year, I make resolutions and every year, I tend to fall off the wagon by about week 8, but everyone once in awhile one sticks. Last year, I decided to start a blog. At first, I did not tell any of my friends, I wanted to make sure I could actually do it before I started spreading the word. Turns out I can, mostly. Yay! This year, I gained 43 official followers and scores more who follow it at their own pace! I’ve learned a lot and how I like to do things. I love all the great feedback I have gotten on my blog, and suggestions. Along the way, I have discovered a ton of other cool new blogs to follow as well and learned to procrastinate even more but such is life. This hasn’t been the easiest year for me, I’ve had to deal with several road blocks but this blog has kept me going. Instead of writing what I plan to do this year personally, I wanted to let you know what I plan to do this year for all my readers (or occasional browsers). This way, hopefully, you can help keep me going!

1) Do a few giveaways.

Because I love to give gifts and everyone deserves a little more cheer even if it’s just a baked goodie and a gift card.

2) Blog 4 times a week or more.

I know this is one that you guys will have to stay on me for, sometimes I get to wrapped up in life to remember to take some photos, but luckily I got a new lens for christmas so hopefully this spurs me on to take more photos.

3) Get a little more personal

I want to inject a little more “Katy” into my blog, which can mean either OCD color coded things or glitter. Take your pick.

4) Balance things out

Some weeks, I feel like all I do is write about cooking, other weeks all I do is decorate. I want to start making sure everything becomes more balanced. Also balance out vegetarian/desserts/drinks recipes

5) First Things First

Tutorials on simple things, that every person should know how to do. From juicing a pomegranate to how the internet works to removing stains. I think everyone including myself, could benefit from learning some of the great tricks out there.

So there you go, any other suggestions? Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with a  cherry on top. I will never know I am heading in the ‘write’ direction unless you let me know!

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