Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gracious Gift/Pinterest Challenge: Martini Glasses


So remember how I mentioned I could not contain myself last week? I had a blast in Miami, but while there I was secretly gathering information. Highly classified stuff. Like what color my friend’s kitchen was and her decorating scheme. Schemes are always top secret. So once I gathered the information (blue and kind of modern/flowery), I felt I could better get her a housing warming gift.  You know how these decisions are totally life and death. Anyways, that brings me to Bed, Bath and Beyond, where I was shopping with my mom one day and stumbled into the clearance section. I love their clearance section, it is as good as the one at Home Goods. One time, I got like 100 different cookie cutters for less than 10 dollars because someone had damaged the plastic box they were in! But enough about clearance scores, I saw these two martini glasses that were begging for some TLC and maybe a little glitter.  Thus started my adventure in finding out how to decorate them. I took inspiration from these two pins: one with dots and one with glitter. But I thought of a way to make them look better: combine the two! GLITTER AND DOTS. Bam! It actually was a pretty easy craft, and they look adorable. Here is how I did it:





Different acrylic paint

Pencils with erasers

Lacquer (not shown)



1) Thoroughly wash the glasses and dry them. Take off price tags too!

2) Use the eraser side of the pencil to dip in paint. (I poured a little bit of paint in the caps because they were the perfect depository)

3) Layer and do more!

4) Let dry for a couple of hours

5) Use an eraser to dip in the modpodge, and place several dots around the container. Then pour glitter on. (I used a dry paintbrush to wipe away excess)

6) Let dry

7) Cover the rim with plastic (I used saran wrap and taped it down), and carefully spray with clear lacquer to seal it in.



Enjoy! What’s the best gift you’ve ever given? Or tried to give? Got any great ideas I could ‘borrow’?




  1. Brilliant! I love htese adn they seem so easy to make! I'm pinning and google +1'ing!


  2. Love this idea! I'm not clever on gift making. Last present was using a basket I had and putting homemade chicken noodle soup on one side and fresh chocolate muffins on the other side. Mimi's Cafe offer both for take out at the low price of $5! I put filler in the basket, tied fancy ribbons and included a card. My sick friends was delighted and I gots of credit for a fast, inexpensive gift.

  3. Sorry- I was typing fast and it doesn't read well!

  4. These are really cute! Thanks for sharing your method. :)


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