Monday, September 26, 2011

Martha Stewart Monday: Painted Glass

I accomplished another thing off my fall project list! Yay! Now just left is the chandelier, which I am kind of majorly dreading. This one was actually quite enjoyable and would make a great housewarming gift. You could do it and send it with this teapot.  I made these for my sister Aurora, of this cake fame, see Brandon had glasses with “B”s and Aurora wanted some of her own.  You can find the enamel in any craft store in a variety of colors; the weird thing is though you have to bake it. It’s what sets the paint.  Weird but better than having it come off in the dishwasher.

Thin paint brushes
Spray Adhesive (I use a 3M kind)

1)      Clean and dry glasses. Then use spray adhesive to attach to the glass, use tape as well to really secure it. (I like to spray the stencil then attach it to the glass)
2)      Paint! Be careful it doesn’t bleed; I like to use thin layers and then keep going over to get desired opaqueness. You can also do the reverse of the stencil with I think it looks really cool sometimes.
3)      Then bake according to directions

So what do you think? What would you put on a glass? Your initial? A funny quote? Design? 


  1. Cute idea!


  2. Wow! So adorable! Maybe an initial - mine is A too - but in different fonts... I would definitely avoid the dishwasher though... that would be tragic!

    p.s. nice blog btw - but i thought I'd let you know, I don't think your links are linking!

  3. Ooo thats a great idea! I think i'd put my initials, or maybe a quote I really like.

  4. Those glasses are super cute! What a nice decorating idea!


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