Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekly Wonders: September 29th, 2011

I finally hung my art, now to paint it!

So this week, I thought I would take a break from showing you what I want to make, bake and eat and instead show you the five websites I am loving this fall. Some of them are more well known then others, but I check these sites daily and sometimes go through their archives!

1) The Beauty Department
     A great blog filled will all sorts of beauty tips, and Lauren Conrad is part of the team. I am not a huge Lauren Conrad fan but the blog is absolutely beautiful. They have great tutorials on just about every beauty and hair question. This weekend, I am so making up one of their masks!

2) Collegefashion
      I found this blog about 4 years ago when I was trying to find out how to copy Blair Waldorf's style from Gossip Girl. It's grown so much since then but still puts out fabuLESS ideas for outfits. And I've been feature on their haute links twice! It makes me feel real!

3) Cupcakes and Cashmere
      I want Emily's life. And her shoes. A great blog about fashion, food and decorating. She is absolutely amazing. I wish I had her confidence to pull off some of her looks, and I am can't believe she designed a Coach bag. Lusting after....

4) Apartment Therapy
      If you haven't hear of apartment therapy, I must ask if you are living under a rock. Some stuff is WAY too expensive but I love it when they do their small living competitions, they have amazing inspiration for how to decorate and design small places.

5) Cakes Event Blog
     I can spend hours drooling over the parties and photography. It makes we want to throw themed parties all the time. And the little kid parties are so cute, it makes me wish I had children..... For about 30 seconds. Then I remember children have to be taken care after the party too...

Anyways, what are some websites YOU think I should check out? What blogger's lives do you lust after? Or is it just me who does that?


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