Friday, September 30, 2011

Date Idea: Candy Tasting

     I am always looking for cute date ideas for me and the boyfriend. Since we don’t get a lot of time together being long distance, I try to find different things to do together, often the dinner and a movie thing can get a little trite. I was so proud of myself of thinking up this one the other day, we had a couple of hours to spare one afternoon. It was the awkward time between lunch and dinner were you can’t eat either and nothing really to do.
     We were headed to the mall when I remembered there is a candy store there. Off we went, we picked a bunch of different candies to try. Some were my favorites he had never tried, others were his favorites, some were just ones with weird names or pretty colors (my picks). After we picked two of each, we paid and went to the sitting area. We took turns picking which ones to try and then compared preferences. It was a blast! Though be prepared for sugar high afterwards. If you don’t have a candy store, try world market or a specialty food store, they might have some different things for you to try.

                  What about you, what’s your favorite date idea? I am always in need of more!


  1. This is such a cute idea.


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  3. This is a really cute date idea! I used to love going to the candy store as a kid and I haven't been in forever! My hubby and I like to go bowling as a fun date :)

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