Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weekly Wonders: August 15th, 2012




A friend of mine had a marvelous idea the other day, we should have a picnic! Not just any picnic, but a grand picnic! We could not just pick French themed for our picnic, we had to take it  a step further and select French Proven├žale themed. So Saturday evening, we went to a park on the water and had our grand picnic. It was a rousing success, we spent three hours relaxing by the water slowly savoring the delicious food.  We had vegetable tian, cheese and then dessert (and yes, we ate it in the proper French order). Plus to drink, I muddled 12 basil leaves with one navel orange. Then mixed the muddle with 18 ounces of Dubonnet Rouge (or other sweet fortified red wine that is chilled) and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then top each glass with 2 oz. of seltzer water. It was AMAZING. Seriously, Martha Stewart did not let me down on this one. Don’t forget crepes for dessert!

P.S. Check out my adorable plastic ware, it made everything seem classier. Next week we are trying for British themed, anyone have any recipe suggestions?





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