Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Handy House Tip: Spot Remover



While repainting a room, we noticed that the door had some tape that would not come off. It had been there for years and decided to try to stay there permanently. So out came the magic “goo be gone” stuff. The only problem was one swipe was not enough to get the tape to budge. Not even two swipes or three. So I got tired of swiping (I wonder if Swiper feels the same way with Dora? I swipe a door, he swipes a Dora, pretty similar if you ask me and mine got boring.) I had other things to do than sit there and hold the goo stuff to the door. So I used painters tape (since it won’t hurt paint) and taped those paper towels to the door.  Then I spent about 5 minutes doing other things, and came back to check. Some only needed five minutes, some took about 10 or 15 minutes, but that was better than me sitting there the entire time.


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  1. Brilliant! I would worry the paper towel would absorb too much. Hope it worked!


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