Friday, June 22, 2012

What’s in my bag: Three Week Europe Trip

I know I owe photos from Europe, but I literally took like a  thousand. So it’s going to take awhile, but in the mean time I have pictures from what’s in my bag. See gallivanting around Europe for three weeks (six cities), I knew I needed to keep my bag light. Well okay, I needed to pack just one bag, the light part was a wish that was never going to be fulfilled. And I searched and searched on the internet for advice. Okay, so I went to google and pinterest. I could not find any good advice, like how much to pack of each thing. So I figured, I would show you guys and maybe you will benefit from this at least. Since I was there in May the temperatures ranged from 60-85 (oh Amsterdam).  I needed things that could convert easily from cold to hot weather. As well, lack of space meant everything had to easily match so I thought of a color scheme. My color scheme came mostly from what colors I had the most clothing in, and what I thought looked best on me. Blue (I own a ton of blue clothes), Black (prefer it over brown) and white (goes with everything) with touches of pink! The color scheme worked great for my trip.
-Travel Outfit: Pretty dress with scarf. Wrinkle proof for long flight and roomy.  Add fleece lined leggings and I might be even able to fall asleep on a plane!
-Six Dresses: One long sleeved, some patterned, one black long sleeved nice dress for fancy dinners (or just a normal day in classy Europe) were some of my dresses. I wanted things that did not need a ton of work (sorry dry clean only dresses) and did not show stains easily.
-Three Skirts: One white, one pink and one gold!
-Two Shirts: Navy stripes and black one that can be worn with all three skirts!
-Three Sweaters: One black cardigan, and teal cardigan for layering with dresses and shirts. One blue sweater that can be worn with skirts.
-Two Scarfs: White and plaid, also double as blankets and umbrellas!
And to top it off, I only packed four pairs of shoes! FOUR! Wedges are the perfect height without the pain of the heel especially on cobblestone streets. Two pairs of flats for everyday, both have sparkles! I love glitter! And sparkly sandals, I get compliments on them everywhere I go!
Not Pictured but still really useful:
-A trench coat: wore this ALL the time, and it’s waterproof! It’s a classic and one of the best investments I have ever made.
- Blue Blazer: When it was slightly hotter, I wore it instead of the trench coat. So it got a  ton of use too!
-Two Leggings: One was just sheer black tights but the other was my secret weapon. Fleeced lined tights are honestly the best invention ever. They keep my bottom half warm. I always wear them for flights, its like blankets wrapped around each of my legs.  

So I hope this helps your future trips!

P.S. Here is what's in my carry on!

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  1. For three weeks there' are no so many things! If it was me, I would bring my whole closet!! :P


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