Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Challenge 2012: Minimize



           Moving this summer made me realize how much stuff I have. Too much. You only need to look at this photo to realize. Often, something is on sale and so I buy it because it’s such a good price. Buy one get one free is my other downfall. So this summer, I am challenging myself to use some of it up. Maybe that means putting on lotion every day or changing my makeup routine. I have grown too accustomed to certain looks, so hopefully this will help me to put some of that pinning to good use! Seriously, who has 25 different lip glosses/stains/sticks (only half got in the photo). Here goes nothing!



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  1. I will join you on this challenge, because I have the same problem... ( saw this through your link on YHL). ;). Good luck!


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