Monday, June 25, 2012

Packing Tip #2: Liquor Boxes


      So now that you have everything wrapped up, you need to store it in a box. Plastic bins are expen$ive. I bought three and they cost like 10 bucks each. I ended up just using them for odds and ends. And you can’t make them too heavy to carry which thus detracts from their large size (thus the flotsam and jetsam getting thrown in there). The keys to boxes are SMALL and LIGHT. I thought it was ridiculous to go out and buy cardboard boxes for a college move. Seriously, I have a lot of “stuff” but not enough and definitely not nice enough stuff to justify that. So what’s a college girl got to do to get free boxes? Go to the liquor store. That’s right, you heard me correctly. The Liquor Store. You just walk in, and ask for some boxes. Normally they have huge stacks of them. And living in a college towns, there were plenty of stores to choose from, two were walking distance from my apartment. So why liquor boxes other than they are free? They are sturdy (think of how heavy bottles are) and the perfect size (about six to eight big bottles per box). Some even still have the dividers in them to help when packing your own glasses. I think I ended up using eight boxes, mostly for the kitchen stuff.

      Another quick tip: Shoe boxes. Sturdy ones are great for packing the kitchen utensils and other odds and ends.


  1. I totally agree with you (about buying the cardboard boxes) I always found boxes and used those :)

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  2. I say yes to this. Liquor boxes are definitely sturdy in nature however, when acquiring free boxes, it is still important to inspect these for possible damages. You certainly would not want your things to be bursting out in from the box, right? While free boxes are a great cost effective way when moving, you still need to use the one that are still in good condition. Thank you for this post you have shared.


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