Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Mini Pumpkins



     After finding these cute/scary pumpkins, I just knew I had to make some of my own. I love carving pumpkins, I have such fond memories of carving pumpkins with my family. One time, we were all in LA for Halloween, I was about 8 and my uncle, who lives there, snuck in the BIGGEST pumpkin I have ever seen into the hotel. It was massive and we carved it right there in the hotel room. I am sure the maids weren’t as happy as me and my brother but we put that pumpkin proudly on display next to the window. My mom snuck down and gave all the hotel staff candy, so that when Austin and I went “trick or treating” in the hotel, they had candy to give us. ANYWAYS, back to my current dilemma. I wanted to carve a pumpkin but not really do a large one. I don’t really have the space to put it outside, thus mini pumpkins it was!



Googly eyes

Vampire teeth (find at Target or Walmart in the Halloween Party section)

Black pipe cleaners

Mini pumpkins or squashes



Scary Pumpkin

1) Hold up the teeth to the pumpkin and figure out how much area you need to carve. It’s better to carve the area too small than big.

2) Once carved make sure you angle the insides downwardly, so the teeth have more room inside.

3) Shove the teeth inside. Seriously, shove them. Then attach the eyes!

Spidey Pumpkin

1) Take 8 black pipe cleaners and fold in half. Then twist them.

2) Attach them at the top using hot glue. Attach eyes and bend legs to suit.

* You can also carve out the top and insert a tea light candle!





What’s your favorite way to carve a pumpkin? Have any funny Halloween stories? Please share!


  1. LOVE your little fanged pumpkins! my boyfriend's mom gave me one right from her garden! so cool. i painted mine :)

  2. YESSS!!! I love this! I am definately trying this out! Great post! I just love your blog!!



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