Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weekly Wonders: August 3rd, 2011

      Next week is my foster sister's birthday; she is turning the big 1-0. Since no one has ever made a big deal about her birthday, so we are going to try to. Can you imagine getting only a cash for your birthday when you were younger, because your parents couldn't or wouldn't go get you an actual gift. Santa didn't even visit her last year!

      Her name is Aurora; my mother says emphasis on ROAR. I have been searching high and low for ideas (i.e. Pinterest) and have come up a few ideas to try. Plus for an early birthday treat, my mom signed me up for some cake decorating classes at Micheal's, so hopefully I will be able to better interrupt these cake ideas (though I will only have had two classes under my belt before the big cake day).

1) How we plan on doing the inside of the cake

2) If only my fondant skillz were that good

3) This may be a bit more probable

4) I wish I was this good

5) Totally within my skillz level for breakfast
     So how do you normally celebrate your birthday? Got any good ideas for a 10 year old? Please? Pretty Please?


  1. Themed parties are always really fun - is there anything Aurora likes? Mermaids? Dinosaurs? Favorite color?

    My friend had a fun beach theme for her son's bday party and it was really cute. They decorated with fishnets, shells, plastic fish, had beach buckets full of goodies and a Nemo pinata. The kids really loved it!

  2. What a cute theme! We were thinking of doing something summer themed as well but she likes all things girly so we figured a rainbow cake with fondant flowers will tickle her fancy!

  3. It's so sad - I work with foster kids and one of the little boys got a $20 note and a pack of fun size Mars Bars for his 6th birthday... It's so wonderful to see a kid get to feel special and loved on their own special day.

    For a gift, maybe something a little grown up (since she is hitting double digits after all ;) I got a jewellery box for one of my birthdays, a proper wooden one that I loved (and still sits proudly on my dresser). Or to stick with the rainbow theme, maybe an 'art kit' with some quality drawing pencils like Derwent and a big art pad with proper drawing paper? Just some ideas - it's so much fun thinking of ways to spoil these kiddos.

    Good luck with the cake!



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