Friday, August 5, 2011

Because everyone should get to brag now and then

      So it's my birthday in less than two weeks, and I am super excited. I love getting gifts, and eating cake. Then again, who doesn't? Anyways, point is my birthday makes my boyfriend a nervous wreck. He is constantly bemoaning that he can't find something that is good enough, or worried that I will not like it that much. He doesn't seem to get that as long as it's from him and not hideous, I will love it. Last year, he asked me what I wanted and I said a dragon. He said he would try but if not, then what could be a good second. So my flippant answer was a dragon teapot. I love tea, so it made sense, kind of. Anyways, lo and behold on my birthday I am given one dragon teapot. It's mouth is the spout, the lid is a little wizard sitting on the Dragon, and the dragon's tail makes up the handle. It is AMAZING. And exactly what I asked for, this year I wasn't that clear on what I wanted. But yesterday the delivery man came to our door and my mom was like "Did you order something" and me, panicking was like no, I didn't , well I ordered some textbooks but that was yesterday they can't be here today……. Turns out it was my birthday gift really really early and since I did not know it was, I opened it. OOPS.

Excuse my unmade bed!


     Apparently, Kodak allows you to print an image on blanket, and my boyfriend took my favorite poster (seen here) to have printed. He found some really high quality images of it, even managed to send me the colors but not the poster, and had Kodak print the image on a really soft blanket for me! Which is perfect because I am ALWAYS freezing and he is like Mr. Freeze from Batman. He can survive in the artic in jeans, I barely survive the grocery store without a cardigan! Needless to say this blanket will get used TONS by me, and it folds up very small, so it will be great for traveling. AND sometimes, like when they lose your luggage for three days while going to Canada from Florida in the WINTER, "Keep Calm and Carry On" is exactly what you need to be reminded constantly.

    So what's been the best birthday gift you have ever gotten?

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