Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank You Letters

       I always write thank yous for gift received; I even write them for professors who help me with a recommendation or research. A little thank you can get you a long way. I also try to always give end of the year gifts to professors, even if it's just a box of chocolates, they will be so thankful for the thought. Recently, a research librarian helped me with my thesis, so in return I wrote her a thank you and gave her a mason jar filled with Hershey kisses, it did not cost me much, way under 5 dollars, and she was so happy. She wrote back how nice it was to feel appreciated and I know I can count on her for any help with future research. Thank yous don't have to always be long, sometimes even one sentence will do if its for something little and the payback for one will amaze you. This semester I sent thank yous with macaroon cookies (recipe to be posted soon!).

Here are some of my favorite thank you letter tips:

*Dear ______ is always appropriate

*Write about how you tend to use the gift (even money!)

*Thank them for coming to your party/helping with research, etc

* "Thank you so much for the ____. I will always think of you when I use it."

* Cursive if you can!

* Sincerely is always appropriate as a closing


Do you have any thank you tips or tricks? Or do you just find them too old fashioned, it's okay I won't be too offended!

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  1. I never write thank you notes but maybe I should start doing it :) It is such a nice gesture!


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