Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pinterest Love

        My summer has been hectic! Since coming home, my computer has crashed and I've had to completely reinstall everything, including windows. Plus, my parents got empty nest syndrome when I left for college and became foster parents. I now have two foster siblings, a boy and a girl 9 and 10 respectively. They are the cutest angriest things ever, but they are quite the handful. Between my summer online classes and running around trying to help my mom with those two, I barely have a second to myself. But in the past few weeks when I get a spare minute or two, I find myself drawn to the same place, Pinterest. For those of you who have not joined, it is simply a website where your favorite designs, inspirations, recipes, clothes are all "pinned" together. I have found myself (and my mother) drooling over bedroom photos or delicious desserts, plus they have tons of cool DIY ideas. If you haven't joined, simply comment with your email, and I will send you an invite. If you have, please follow me: blairfal . Here are a few of my favorite things I have found so far:



What site do you find yourself wasting time on?


  1. Found your site from your comment on YHL - I'm loving Pinterest sooo much and glad to see I'm not the only one who is obsessed. Love these links, I'm going to go check out your boards (that sounds so strange). Good luck with your project!
    Christine (clkmtl on Pinterest)

  2. Christine- Glad we found each other on pinterest, can't wait to see what you pin!



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