Monday, July 25, 2011

How to: Equip A Kitchen (Basics)

      I love lists, I constantly carry around a legal pad to keep lists going. Lists for what I need to buy, lists for what I need to do, lists for what I need to think about even doing, the list goes on. I realized the other day there is not a good list out there for what you need to start your first kitchen, at least not on a budget. Sure if you have a hundred dollars to spend on knives alone then epicurious has a great list. Otherwise, nope. So I've decided to try to make my own.

     It takes all types to make this world, and sometimes you can simply divide it into Marthas and Sandras. As in Martha Stewart and Sandra Lee. One makes everything from the scratch, the other knows how to make it look that way. No matter what your preference, there is room for every type here. Don't think you have to spend a fortune either, a good place to look for some of this stuff are places like TJ Maxx, or Marshalls. This way you can get good quality stuff without paying full price! Check thrift stores for vintages glasses and plates, just make sure to run them through the dishwasher once or twice!

Let's start with the basics:

Sandra Basics

Baking Pan (9 x 9)

Blender (drinks don't mix themselves!)

Bottle opener

Can opener

Cookie Pan

Cutting Boards

-at least 2, so you don't cross contaminant

- I like the plastic kind that have a picture of fish, vegtable, cow and chicken so you never mix them up

Dish set

  • 20 piece set
  • 4 large plates, 4 bowls, 4 small plates
Dish towels

    -2 so you have one when the other's dirty


  • 8 so you don't have to wash them everyday
Knives (at least 3 plus 4 steak knives)

Measuring Cups

Measuring Spoons


Mixing bowls

  • A set of three (S, M, and L) that nest are perfect
Oven Mitts

  • 2 so you can grab the sides of a baking pan
Pots w/lids

  • 10 qt. stock pot
  • 8 qt. stock pot
  • 5 qt. stock pot
  • 2 qt. sauce pan
  • 1 qt. sauce pan


Silverware set

  • ( 8 forks, 4 knives, 4 spoons)
  • They don't have to match, A la Anthro

Slotted spoon


Vegetable peeler


Martha Additions


Baking Pans

  • Casserole dish
  • Glass baking pan
  • Round ones for cakes
Butter Dish

Cake Plate

Cheese grater

Coffee Maker

Dish drying rack


Hand mixer


Kitchen timer

Knives (different kinds)

Meat pounder

Muffin Tin

Nesting Bowls


Place mats/ table cloth

Rice Steamers

Rolling Pin

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Serving Platters/Trays

Table Cloth

Tea Pot/ Kettle

Toaster Oven



Wooden spoons


    Did I miss anything? What do you find yourself using most in the kitchen? Later this week, I will post about kitchen essentials for your pantry! Be sure to check back!

P.S. To see what to put in your spice rack, look here! And finally, to prepare your pantry, look here!


  1. Cooling rack for cooling those cookies you make! if you have a small kitchen, with not a lot of counter space, one of my favourite things I have is a cutting board that fits on top of my sink so it becomes a counter. Dish cloths

  2. We use an apple slicer all the time! Not sure where you are but IKEA has them for like $3. With the kids its an essential item for us! My hubby never cleans out or covers the microwave so we have one of those microwave cover things (again like $2 at IKEA). Oh and a pie pan! We make quiches for dinner and I just made my first pie last night, so it was nice to have one :). I love your list!

  3. Amanda- Cooling racks are lifesavers! And I will be on the lookout now for one of those cutting boards!

    Anna- I can't believe I forgot pie pan. My roommate makes more pies than anyone I know. We must have like four of them! Apple slicers are really useful, my mother has a mandolin slicer I have become very envious of lately!

  4. You are awesome!!! Thanks :o)
    This was so helpful!

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  6. Thank you for this list! I am moving soon and have never lived on my own. I appreciate you putting this down for others. =)


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