Thursday, April 7, 2011

50 Dollar fix: Bathroom Additions

Here are some simple ways I have spruced up my tiny bathroom for fewer than fifty dollars. Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference in a room. These additions really make my bathroom sparkle!

Pretty shower curtain and rings from Target. Who doesn't love a little sparkle?

I took these plain wood trays from Michael's for 2 dollars each and modpodge some pretty scrap book paper on them. Instant art for my walls, and it doesn't matter if humidity gets to it.

Took the same scrapbook paper and covered a jar for my brushes.

I found this odd shelf thingy at a vintage store for 5 dollars. It was just plain wood. I brought it home and added a coat of pink paint. Hung it on my wall and Voila!


  1. the pink coat of paint does so much for that cabinet. such a great idea!

  2. Love the shelf! That would be perfect in my bathroom in my apt! So cute.

  3. I love these ideas!! I have just moved into my first apartment and have also been painting lots of old wooden shelves haha. I love the pink though!

    Also, if anyone is looking for an apartment in the Raleigh area check out my complex's Raleigh Apartments website. I love it here so far, they have been so helpful!

    Happy apt decorating! :)

  4. Thanks! I am so glad you all like it! Good luck with the apartment decorating!



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