Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekly Wonders: February 13th, 2013

I feel like this year has already flown by, where did all the time go? I am busier than I have ever been but I can’t tell you why, I am not doing anything terribly special right now.


I scored these awesome wedges at Dillard’s shoe sale this past weekend. They were just 20 dollars! Woot! You can never have too many nude wedges! (Not saying that I may already a pair or two or three…)


I also snagged this shirt. As I walked to the  counter to purchase it, I saw no less than 3 other girls trying it on! Mint is so in right now and the fit of the shirt is just perfect. You can dress it up or down, which I love!


These adorable Valentines were thought of by my brilliant mother. My little brother filled the bags with “gourmet” popcorn (i.e. boy scout popcorn) and simply stapled on tags for each kid and teacher!

I joined something new: Girls On The Run. So far it has been a challenge (hello, 9 year old attention spans!) and the most fun! You help train 3rd through 5th grade girls to run a 5k but it is about so much more than that! I just love being part of something so special! I’ve just finished the first week but I can already start to feel a bond with my girls. Hey, maybe I will even get in better shape too.


Finn won first place at a walkathon this past weekend! He was the first dog to cross the finish line (and the cutest! Not that I am biased or anything).  I think B was more proud than Finn, the ribbon is now taped to his door!

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