Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fresh Pomegranate Mimosas


I love a good mimosa but sadly, I have really bad acid reflux and I try not to drink citrus juices (which totally sucks, seriously, EVERYTHING has acid). So for Thanksgiving, I wanted to have a fun grown up drink and we eat early around 1-2ish so I did not want anything too heavy. Enter the mimosa, and to make it more Fall-esque (is that even a word? it is now!) the pomegranate seemed the the perfect choice. All you need to do is juice pomegranates!

To Juice:


1) Wear an apron or cry about it later.

2) On a hard surface, roll the pom with the heel of you hand. It will make popping noises if done correctly. (Also, if squeezed too much it will leak. That may have happened a time or two!)

3) Use a large knife to slice the pomgranite over a bowl, and let the fluid drain.

4) Either using the knife or your hands (skillz needed) to tear the pomegranate in two. Carefully place seeds in a metal mesh strainer and use something ( I used this cool wooden masher thing my Mimi had, don’t know what it is called) to smash out all the juice.

5) Expect it to be an arduous process as each one yields between 1/3 to 1/2 juice.


Pomegranate Mimosas:

1) About 1/3 cup of juice to 6oz. of Champagne

*Add a garnish like blackberries for extra fanciness!

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