Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Packing Tip #1: Paper

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  One of the first problems I encountered when packing my apartment was what to do with my dishes and glasses. I do not have felt protectors for each plate a la Martha Stewart. I also do not have the boxes they originally came in. So I did what every normal person does: ask anyone they see. Luckily it only took me asking four people, my roommate’s mom knew the perfect solution: packing paper. She actually had a better idea: newspaper. She said to go the newspaper printer and get the end of the roll paper. It’s free and isn’t printed. But I had no idea where the nearest printing press was and had only a few hours till my parents arrived. Enter panic mode, I needed to hide as quickly as possible all my kitchen accoutrements before my parents saw how much I accumulated over 3 years.  Thus U-Haul to the rescue! At their stores (which are everywhere), you can buy 200 sheets for $9.99. Don’t be alarmed by the size of the box. It looks small, but there is a ton of paper. I bought two and had to return the second. I used barely half to my entire kitchen and I have a lot of dishes. Don’t be afraid to cut the paper, you only need one or two  layers for each piece. We ended up cutting it into eighths at one point.


Do you have any great packing tips?

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