Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Guess who’s back….

ME! It was a hectic semester, I wrote over 100 pages, passed 7 classes, defended a thesis, and GRADUATED. Woo hoo! It was nerve wrecking towards the end, and at one point, I didn’t know if I was going to complete everything, but in the end I did. At graduation, I was so surprised the President of the university acknowledged me because I graduated with four separate degrees (See? I really am crazy). My face was on the jumbotron, and all I could think was “Wish I spent more time getting ready”. Oh well, I was in the midst of  packing up my apartment. Luckily, I have the bestest friend in the world who came up for 5 days to help. My parents, brother and the two of us spent 3ish days moving me out. (To be fair, we only spent a couple hours each day because we had other things to do) I learned a lot about how to pack and move. In the next coming posts, I intend to share what I have learned. Here is a sneak peak of how my parents garage looks now, please don’t be frightened……
P.S. I leave for a 3 week Europe adventure on the 8th but I promise to post during!


  1. your poor parents.....haha. You MUST blog during your Europe vacation!!!

  2. Garage Sale at your parent's house May 9th!!!!


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