Friday, February 3, 2012

Gracious Gift: Mini Frying Pan


So my mom got me this mini frying pan, at first I was quite trepid. What is the point of a frying pan that just holds one egg, I viewed it much like the Ipad. Fun but not needed. Then Lotti and I tried it out. Opinions were changed that first time. Eggs came out round and pretty plus you didn’t have to get a huge pan dirty. It’s great when you just want one egg in the morning. Certainly, I wouldn’t recommend it if you were cooking four eggs every morning, but for us, it’s perfect. Much like my Ipad, my mini egg frying pan changed my mind as well. It would make a cute gift for someone moving into their first apartment.


P.S. I’ll post the winner of my first giveaway sometime this weekend! Look out!

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