Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vacation Rules

Trying new things is like a rule in my family. Literally, its part of our vacation rules. Actually, there are a couple of vacation rules (not to mention airplane rules, restaurant rules, etc. but that’s what you get when your mom is a teacher!):

1) Never eat a chain restaurant (unless its McDonalds' to get mom that all important diet coke)

2) Try at least one new thing to eat a day

3) Do one educational thing per trip (again my mother is teacher,  so I can point out educational things to do ANYWHERE, even Disney).

So yesterday, I went out to lunch with my Dad. Nothing too surprising there but as I went to get us drinks, I spied this soda.


I had to try it. It didn’t matter that we weren’t on vacation. IT WAS CELERY SODA. I like celery, so I decided to give it a try. Turns out I don’t like celery in soda. Oh well. But at least I tried something new! What was the last new thing you tried?


  1. Love all three of these, esp. number 3 as it helps to get to know the area better.

  2. I want to spend a two day holiday there at your place.

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