Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Kitchen Aid Mixer Debate

In my mind certain items are for grownups, like wedding china or stand mixers. I am 23 years old and thus in that strange limbo between adulthood and childhood. I love kitchenaid mixers, actually love might be an understatement. I have been coveting one for years. My grandmother has had the same one since like 1980 and it still works just fine. She uses it for everything from cookies to mashed potatoes. My mother on the other hand has this beautiful cream one but she keeps it in the pantry. I normally have to beg to take it out, pleading that I will clean up my mess unlike the last time.

In college, my kitchen was TINY and there was no counter space. Besides, I wasn’t a grownup and thus I couldn’t purchase one in my mind. KitchenAid Mixer = Grownup. Every holiday would come around and my mom would ask if I wanted one. I would say yes but not now. I am not a grownup yet. It just didn’t seem right. I wasn’t ready for one just yet.


Well, I finally made the plunge and bought one! It was my treat for getting into graduate school. Graduate school is almost like being a grownup, right? After much research, I decided to get the large Artisan mixer that has a tilt head because I like the tilt head and its smaller than the bowl lift. I am pretty sure my apartment next year will be tiny! I bought the ice blue color. It is just enough color without being overwhelming (or so I hope). I am currently counting down the days until it gets here! Eek!

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