Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weekly Wonderings: January 30th, 2013 Port Manatee


Today, I had quite the adventure. We really didn’t mean to but somehow it happened. I was running late to the bus (doesn’t it sound like I am back in middle school) to go on my weekly adventure with my Mimi. They thankfully held the bus for me.  Whew! Then we get on the interstate and are not but 4 miles away when we hear a POP noise! One of the tires blew. So me and 45 seniors had to stand on the side of a busy interstate waiting for the nice man to come change our tire for over an hour (and yes, there were walkers involved). But it was well worth the wait! The Port of Manatee was so cool! Apparently, they give free tours twice a week and you ride around the entire port on a tram. It’s the closest port to Panama and apparently it is a big deal. It was so interesting to discover new things in my neck of the woods! When’s the last time you took a tour of your town? I highly recommend them, you learn so many interesting things!




 Boat at Port Manatee


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