Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Pack: Writing it all down


I love lists. I list everything, when I am bored I normally make lists just to past time. Things to do, things to think about doing, things I would like to do if i had more money, things to do when I get my super powers. I could go on but I will spare you. Anyways, one of the things I have figured out is how to make packing lists. I have an entire notebook devoted to it because this way I can flip back through at a later date and remember what I wore when and more ideas. Now, I am not completely OCD and list  every pair of undergarments I am bringing but often I do write    the number of them. Here is my step by step process:


First, on the left I write out my schedule for the trip. Am I going to a fancy party? Do I have meetings all day? Am I going on an adventure and need workout clothes? (the gym is an adventure for me often). Sometimes, I have no idea what I am doing so I might write down weather for that week. Is there a chance of rain? or snow? Don’t worry about getting too picky, even if you just write “3 work days” that can be enough. The goal is to just start thinking about what you are going to need.


Second: I write on the right my outfits. Starting with the all important airport outfit, need something comfy that can often change climates and be okay to go into town with right away. My go-to airport outfit is a dress with fleece leggings (just the inside is fleece) and flats. Simple to walk through security, and comfy on the plane no matter what weird position I try to get comfy in! I always number my outfits because often I am trying to meet a goal of 5 or 7 outfits for the trip. I always use + signs for my outfits because this way I comprehend each piece I need to pack. I also can then easily understand how I can mix pieces to get more outfit choices. Always write down your shoe picks too! The worst thing  is getting somewhere and realizing you picked the wrong shoes for everything.

Third: At the bottom, I write down any miscellaneous stuff that I need to bring. Laptop? Hairdryer? Things I wouldn’t necessarily always pack.


Do you have any helpful tips for how to pack for a trip? Ever follow a color scheme? I’ve tried but I like having tons of options!

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  1. I have to be one of the worse packers, I always forget to bring stuff and need to buy stuff when I get there.


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