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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

50 Dollar Fix: Side bookshelf


       As you can see, the area next to my couch is nothing pretty to look at. I am an avid book collector, and have several funny reads I like to keep in the living room. But, I was running out of room for them, and my cookbooks were crowding the kitchen. Plus it did not have a good transition from the breakfast nook to the living room. So with the help of several Michael's coupons, I managed to come up with hopefully a good shelving system that looks pretty good in my opinion. I still need some better ideas as how to organize or if I should remove some of the objects. Anyways, I just used 4 wooden crates from Michael's at $9.99 each (minus 40% off each ) plus one small crate at under $5. One can of black gloss spray paint and the project still came in way under 50 dollars. In fact, only 35 dollars. Here's a few photos, directions seem pointless. 


Spray Paint

4 large Crates

1 small crate


  1. Adorable Space. Great organization!




  2. This is such a great idea. I've been looking for a small bookcase, but I might try this instead.


  3. Too perfect! I need this.


  4. This is a great idea! I love creative ideas for repurposing objects! Love the blog.

  5. Thanks! I am so glad you guys also liked it. I love repurposing objects as well Kendall, though I do have to admit, the crates tag had a picture of them being used as a bookshelf idea. I highly recommend this idea because it gives a little more drama to the area than a traditional bookshelf.


  6. Good job!!
    Hey in my first place there were blankets over boxes for end tables!!
    Yours looks much better!

  7. ive been wanting to do something similar. I wanted to get another book shelf or two but i saw some pictures awhile ago and really want to make a big crate bookshelf now. I really want to find some crates from barns and stuff that have the writing on them and are aged a bit instead of getting them from the store but I think it would be awesome and add so much more that a regular bookshelf cant. I just need to wait to get our next house before I do it..I dont want to have to carry that around with us!

  8. Also for those of us with cats it's not a bad way to prevent them from scratching at the corners, which seem to be where all the fun spots are to scratch


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